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Agent Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the PCF continue to be direct bill to the members?

Yes, the PCF has always been, and will continue to be, direct bill.

Q: If my client is insured with the JUA, would we also be the agent of record for the PCF?


Q: Is a Broker of Record (BOR) or Agency of Record (AOR) required on every insured?

It is not our intention to create excessive work for our agents.  If a BOR or AOR exists, please send it.  Otherwise, only if you become an agent for a member who, according to our records, is currently with another agent, will you be required to submit a BOR or AOR.

Q: Does the PCF pay the commissions on just new business or is it based on established business as well?

PCF Commissions are based on new and existing business.  For this reason it is imperative that we receive the list of your JUA clients, or clients that are non-JUA that you believe are also covered with the PCF.

Q: Does a new member have to apply through an agent or do they still have the option to apply directly with the PCF?

Preferably they should apply through the agent.  This is the only way we will have of documenting the correct agent.  There is still the option to apply on-line but they need to make sure they report to us their agent’s information.

Q: Can the requested information be faxed, or does the PCF require a hard copy of the agent’s license and declarations page of the E&O coverage?

Faxed copies are adequate.

Q: Does the PCF require the individual agent’s license, the agency’s license or both?

If both licenses are readily available it would be preferred to send both.  Otherwise, submit the individual agent’s license.

Q: Will the agents receive a copy of any endorsements if changes are made to the membership?

Yes, agents will receive copies of endorsements when processed. 

Q: Since the PCF will continue to direct bill and accept payments from the members, what is the agent’s role outside of new memberships?

Excellent question!  We are looking to the agents to communicate with their insureds that all changes to membership should go through them and should be reported timely to the PCF.  We expect new membership applications to be submitted by the agent.  Most importantly, we are looking for support and a commitment from the agents to market the PCF for any licensed Healthcare provider that may need more coverage than is currently available in the South Carolina medical malpractice market regardless of who the basic carrier is.