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Mission Statement

The South Carolina Patients' Compensation Fund was created for the purpose of paying that portion of a medical malpractice or *general liability claim, settlement, or judgment which is in excess of two hundred thousand dollars for each incident or in excess of six hundred thousand dollars in the aggregate year for one year. The Fund is liable only for payment of claims against licensed health care providers in compliance with the provisions of the Enabling Statute Title 38, Chapter 79, Article 5 and includes reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in payment of claims and the Fund's administrative expense.

*(The South Carolina Patients' Compensation Fund will no longer offer Comprehensive General Liability coverage effective March 1, 2004 for any new or renewal membership.)

Our mission is to ensure the stability and security of the South Carolina Patients’ Compensation Fund for our members with sound investment practices, rate adequacy, superior customer service and risk management practices.

Vision Statement

To be the premier provider of excess professional liability insurance and risk management services in South Carolina.

Our Values:

  • Focus on the needs of our members.
  • Support and respect all healthcare providers and related relationships.
  • Establish a culture of consistency and fairness in our performance.
  • Provide leadership with knowledge-based decisions and operate with integrity.
  • Embrace change through continuous improvement.
  • Work together as a team.
  • Make a difference in the community.
  • Utilize best business practices.

The Fund provides customer services to its members through enrollment of new members, renewal of current members, collection of fees and assessments and payment of claims. It provides credentialing information to hospitals and managed care organizations.



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Phone: (803)896-5290
Address: 111 Executive Center Drive, Suite 103; Columbia, SC  29210


"Insurance is something you hope you never have to call upon, but are certainly thankful for if the need arises. Recently I had to call upon the JUA/PCF when I was sued for negligence in the care I rendered a patient who was also a beloved colleague. As if the loss of a friend was not difficult enough, being sued for malpractice in his care was extremely painful. Fortunately the JUA/PCF was there to provide support through the entire process. From the stellar attorneys they provided to the frequent updates and communication and daily courtroom presence, I was able to get through the process with confidence that the JUA/PCF's number one goal is to protect and support the physicians they cover. I can’t imagine going through this process without such a supportive network of professionals. Although my faith in our legal system may have been shaken, I now have the highest regard and greatest appreciation for the JUA/PCF and the service they provide."
- Dr. Gail B. Capell -